October CAS News and Notes

RJ Nichol
Oct 30, 2019

By Mike Margitich, Liaison’s Vice President of Centralized Application Services™ (CAS™) Products

Liaison International is committed to providing our clients with the greatest possible transparency regarding recent Centralized Application Service (CAS™) updates. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this version of our monthly “CAS News and Notes” column to let you know what projects we’ve recently completed. In this edition, you’ll find a summary of our October accomplishments and plans.

Recently Delivered

Better Program-Level Document Upload Configuration

This new feature allows schools, when they’re configuring document upload slots in the Fourth Quadrant, to specify instructions on each of those document types. The intent of doing this work was to encourage schools to provide better instructions around the documents they require their applicants to produce in order to be clearer about what a program requires of them. That, in turn, will result in a better applicant experience and more accurate data for the schools.

Post-Submission Coursework Editing for Non-Verification CASs

For CASs that do not leverage coursework verification services, this creates the ability to allow applicants to come back after submission and add new terms, new courses and new colleges as well as to convert “In Progress” work to “Complete.” Any data added prior to applicants’ most recent submission is locked; they can’t go back and change that information. The purpose of this enhancement, which can be turned on by a feature flag, is to benefit CASs that are open to students for long periods of time.

508-Compliant Calendar Picker in Applicant Portal

In our quest to maintain 508 compliance, a new calendar picker is now available across the Applicant Portal that is keyboard operable. Users can bring up the calendar, scroll through dates and pick a date all without using a mouse.

Coming Soon

  • Improved transcript request workflows
  • School-level “deep link” for new program search
  • Management of configurable fees and documents on same program
  • Ability of program to show/hide to applicants via Extended Profile/Q4 question rules
  • Improved Check Status screen
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Guest registration in Letters by Liaison
  • Capacity to allow users to choose if organization question blocks should be editable even after program(s) have been submitted
  • Capacity to allow submission of no-coursework programs even if coursework programs are in cart
  • Remove dependency on program code for settings transfer.

Thanks for keeping up to date regarding the latest improvements to Liaison’s CASs — and please check this space again next month for more news on additional improvements we’re currently working on.

RJ Nichol

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