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Beyond the Great Resignation: Insights from the Field

August 31, 2022

It’s time to look beyond the Great Resignation and focus on
the great reset. While campuses are struggling to adjust to new staffing levels, and traditional models are proving to be dramatically insufficient to meet the magnitude of disruption, many are finding success. Trends and insights have emerged—formally and informally— illustrating how schools can successfully manage the post-pandemic disorder.  

Join Liaison research directors, David Poole and Stephen Taylor, as they share insights on managing day-to-day operations with the staff you have, discuss creative solutions to overcome resource challenges, and offer proven strategies for creating a new culture around lessons learned. The discussion will be facilitated by Robert Ruiz, Vice President, Strategic Enrollment. 


Robert Ruiz
Vice President, Strategic Enrollment

David Poole
Research Director, EngineeringCAS

Stephen Taylor
Research Director, BusinessCAS