How to Set Up and Customize Your CAS with the WebAdMIT™ Configuration Portal

RJ Nichol
Sep 5, 2019

Ensuring that your program has the potential to achieve its full range of recruitment and enrollment goals becomes a lot easier when you customize your Liaison-powered Centralized Application Service (CAS) with the easy-to-use tools in your WebAdMIT configuration portal.

Regardless of the unique nature of your institution, program or enrollment goals, customizing your CAS with WebAdMIT allows you to capture the exact information applicants and admissions professionals need in order to experience a seamless and intuitive online application process.

Of course, you won’t be on your own when you undertake this important and rewarding initiative. Liaison Academy, Liaison’s educational arm, provides an extensive array of resources to help you every step of the way, including the WebAdMIT Configuration Portal Training webinar. Whether you have plenty of experience with your program’s CAS or are just beginning to learn about its resources and benefits, this webinar offers hands-on tips that make life easier for students and staff alike.

The WebAdMIT Configuration Portal Training webinar leads you step-by-step through the customization process, focusing specifically on topics such as:

Getting Started

This brief overview demonstrates how to access the WebAdMIT Configuration Portal so you can design the page applicants will see under the “Program Materials” section of your CAS. You’ll learn how to access the programs currently available to you, edit existing programs or create a new one.

Branding Your Page

Your program’s homepage creates an important first impression on potential applicants. This section of the webinar offers tips on how to create the look — and capture the information — you want. In addition to explaining how to provide helpful information about your program (such as its website link, contact information and expectations of applicants), this section lays out technical requirements as well, such as the file formats you’ll need for images.

Entering Program-Specific Questions

This segment of the webinar shows you how to use WebAdMIT’s “Question Set” tool to include questions that go beyond standard applications by requesting information specific to your program. Your options include using a multiple choice or “either/or” format, as well as creating a text box for essay responses. WebAdMIT then allows you access to those responses for working with lists and exports.

Configuring Prerequisite Requirements

The Configuration Portal also gives you plenty of choices regarding the prerequisite course information applicants to your program are expected to provide. For example, this section of the webinar explains how to set up the prerequisite section so that students can indicate not only whether they have taken a course, but whether they plan to. It also explains how programs that do not enforce a minimum grade policy can make that clear to students in the application instructions.

Establishing Additional Requirements

The webinar concludes with insights and instructions for requesting additional information, including documents that may not be part of standard applications and details about the number and type of evaluations (letters of reference and recommendations) your program requires. This feature can support your institution’s focus on holistic admissions processes by allowing applicants to provide meaningful information about themselves that goes far beyond test scores and grades.

To learn more about using WebAdMIT to maximize the benefits of your CAS, add the on-demand Configuration Portal Training to your personalized Liaison Academy learning plan. 

RJ Nichol

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