It’s Easier Than You Might Think: Learn How Cross-campus Data Integration Can Increase Efficiencies

RJ Nichol
Oct 23, 2019

If you were to ask a group of your peers in admissions, IT or administration how they feel about “cross-campus data integration” projects, you’d probably discover that they view such initiatives as undeniably important — and anxiety inducing.

Of course, the integration of data is undeniably important for all of the obvious reasons, such as its ability to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and revolutionize the application and admissions experience for students and staff alike.

Yet a well-planned and executed data integration project doesn’t need to induce anxiety. In fact, as you’ll learn in Liaison’s new on-demand webinar, “The Power of Integration: How Cross-campus Data Integration Can Increase Efficiencies,” it can actually make life easier and less stressful for everyone with a stake in the outcome.

Institutional Insights

To highlight how two well-known schools were able to accomplish their most important integration goals, the webinar focuses on the lessons learned and strategies implemented by:

  • Kyron Carter, manager of enrollment analytics at Howard University
  • Greg Martin, former systems analyst and assistant director of planning and institutional research at Drexel University (and current client delivery manager at Liaison)
  • Mike Margitich, vice president of CAS™ (Centralized Application Service™) products at Liaison

“You have to think through how data moves around your campus and plan it so that you can be most efficient and get the most value from that movement without over-engineering and doing too much work,” says Margitich.

With that in mind, the webinar describes key considerations related to:

  • Articulating your “integration vision.”
  • Understanding best practices for framing your integration project.
  • Identifying the tools you’ll need.
  • How Howard University and Drexel University used Liaison’s CAS API technology to accomplish their most important data integration goals.

To learn more about how Liaison’s tools and services can take the stress out of your data integration initiatives, watch Liaison’s free on-demand webinar, “The Power of Integration: How Cross-campus Data Integration Can Increase Efficiencies.”

RJ Nichol

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