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Arielle Ahladianakis
Feb 4, 2020

We are continuing to improve our CAS based on your feedback. Here are some of the recent changes that you should be aware of:

Deep Links to Appear on Top of Add Programs Page

Liaison CAS users can now use deep links in the Configuration Portal to provide applicants with a link to the Add Program page in their Applicant Portal with your programs pre-filtered. You can share this deep link on your website or in emails, allowing them to quickly access your programs without needing to set their own filters in the Applicant Portal. If an applicant has not yet created an account, the deep link will first instruct them to create an account, and then will take them to the pre-filtered Add Program  page.

Important Note: Deep links are cycle-specific, so if you have programs listed in overlapping cycles, you’ll need to use separate deep links in your communications (i.e., one deep link for cycle A and another for cycle B). Alternatively, you can point applicants to the CAS landing page URL, which remains the same for each cycle. We recommend using both deep links and the CAS landing page URL as follows: include the landing page URL on your website and use deep links in recruitment campaigns and email communications.

Please let us know if this feature is of interest to you and your programs so we may turn this on for PostBacCAS.

CAS Applicant Help Center Videos

Two new videos were added to the PostBacCAS Applicant Help Centers: Starting Your Application and Submitting Your Application. The videos add another way to reach applicants and help them conceptualize the steps they need to take to complete the application process. Watch the videos:

These videos will also be incorporated into the automated email templates sent to applicants via the CAS. More videos are on track to be created and published this year. We will continue to update you as these become available. Please feel free to include them in your communication to your applicants as you see appropriate.

Announcing our PostBacCAS Scholarship Recipients

We received many strong applications from qualified candidates, making this a difficult task for our selection committee. We are pleased to include brief profiles of the two winners, each of whom received $5000.

KARTIKEYA MENON (Career Changer Program)

Kartikeya graduated from Dartmouth College in 2016, where he double majored in Mathematics and Japanese Literature. He is currently a student in Bryn Mawr College’s Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, which he will complete in May 2020. Between college and coming to Bryn Mawr’s “Career Changer” program, Kartikeya worked as a Cash Equity & Volatility Algorithmic Trader at Goldman Sachs & Company in New York.

Kartik is a marathon runner and has volunteered since 2016 with Achilles International, an organization that pairs runners with lesser-able bodied athletes to train and run competitive races and triathlons. He is applying to medical school and aims to incorporate his advanced computational skills in programming and statistics with his career as a physician performing patient care and clinical research.

MCKENNA REDWINE (Academic Enhancer Program)

McKenna earned her bachelor’s degree from Furman University with a double major in Neuroscience and Philosophy. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences at Regis University and is expected to graduate in May 2020.

McKenna will be applying to medical schools this summer and hopes to matriculate into a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program beginning in Fall 2021. Following her specialization, McKenna plans to practice international medicine where she hopes to serve those who require medical attention the most while also raising her daughter in an enriching and grounded environment.

Arielle Ahladianakis

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