Highlights from Higher Ed: The College Board Cancels SAT Scores Administered in Egypt and Hong Kong and A Spike in EMBA Program Applications

Arielle Ahladianakis
Nov 1, 2019

The College Board cancels SAT scores administered in Egypt and Hong Kong

The College Board has been forced to “hold or cancel” October SAT scores from tests administered in Egypt and Hong Kong in light of the “illegal theft of material from the SAT, which was administered internationally earlier this month.” The organization said it did so in order to “to ensure the integrity of the (tests’) administration.” Scores that have been placed on hold will be reviewed and, if cleared, the results will be released in approximately two weeks. This is not the first time The College Board has canceled test scores. In May of 2019 international test scores from Egypt were canceled due to the same reason.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Aggressive changes in hopes to keep a small liberal arts college alive

Hiram College, a small liberal arts school located in northern Ohio, was suffering from problems that have plagued many liberal arts colleges nationwide. One major issue was declining student enrollment, which was attributed in part to students’ lack of interest in obtaining a liberal arts education as well as general growth of competition in the higher education space. In hopes to improve enrollment, Hiram made aggressive changes, such as shifting the curriculum to one “with more scientific and technology-focused programs.” The college also announced that starting in the fall of 2020 it would reduce tuition by 35%, from $37,710 to $24,500 annually. In addition, Hiram College is offering a unique opportunity for its students to enroll in two summer classes for free to “help them graduate early, add another major or catch up if they have fallen behind in their studies so they can finish their degree on time.”

Source: Education Dive

A spike in EMBA program applications

Applications for executive MBA programs have been flourishing according to findings from the Executive MBA Council’s annual member survey. According to the survey, applications to EMBA programs have increased by 31.6% since 2015. The survey also found that the percentage of female EMBA students has risen from 27.6% to 31.2% since 2015, further underscoring the growth in demand for EMBA programs. The survey also found fewer companies were supporting their employees, with “53% of students [funding] their own education, compared to 41% in 2015.”

Source: Poets & Quants

Ivy League schools and America’s obsession

Americans have long idolized the nation’s eight Ivy League schools, seven of which are older than the country itself. While the prestige and selectivity associated with each of these schools inspire more and more students to apply each year, the institutions still maintain the same number of seats for incoming students. This, in turn, increases the demand for acceptance as well as the deceptive methods some parents will take in order to get their children into college. As a result, acceptance or entry into an Ivy League school — rather than graduation — is often seen as a barometer of success. Ultimately, parents need to remember that elite schools are not the only pathway to an elite career.

Source: The Atlantic

Arielle Ahladianakis

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