Highlights from Higher Ed: International Applications and Uber Students

RJ Nichol
Nov 23, 2018

International student applications down again

Last year higher ed admissions saw a decline in the number of international students applying to U.S. universities for the first time in quite a while. The trend continued this year, down another 6.3% and 5.5% at the undergraduate and graduate levels respectively. Countries that are sending fewer students to the US include India and Saudi Arabia, while China increasing a few percentage points this year.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Driving towards more adult students

Arizona State University has launched a new plan to attract more adult students after the success of their Starbucks program. Uber drivers in 8 cities (about 10,000 are eligible) will receive a financial aid package and scholarship — one they can transfer to a “sibling, significant other, son or daughter or even parent.” The pilot program will start with 1,000 students from eight cities.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Paying more attention to transfer students

Private colleges and universities in the state of Minnesota are working hard to increase the number of transfer students in an effort to boost enrollment and diversity. Transfer student populations have a higher percentage of first-generation and minority students. The effort is not unique to Minnesota, as transfer students across the country are getting more attention from admissions offices.

Source: Education Dive

U.S. students continue to study abroad, for a few months

While the number of international students coming into the U.S. may be down, American students are still very interested in studying abroad. Women have always been in the majority — making up about two-thirds of the student population interested in studying abroad — and that isn’t changing, though the diversity of students is increasing slowly. The change is coming in the length of the study abroad program, as most are leaning away from a full year abroad.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

RJ Nichol

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