For More Meaningful (and Easier) GPA Calculations, Turn to WebAdMIT™

RJ Nichol
Dec 12, 2019

Are you still manually calculating customized GPAs for each student who applies to your program — and wasting valuable time that could otherwise be devoted to more important tasks, such as communicating directly with students and trying to streamline your admissions initiatives?

If so, you need to know that there’s a better way to fill seats with best-fit students while freeing up precious time and administrative resources. WebAdMIT™, a tool powered by Liaison, allows you to communicate with applicants more seamlessly and work with evaluators more efficiently while simultaneously giving you the ability to analyze and report on applicant data more effectively.

Interested? Then watch “Integrate GPAs into Your Application Review,” Liaison Academy’s free, on-demand webinar that describes the benefits of using WebAdMIT in conjunction with a Centralized Application Service (CAS™), Liaison’s admissions management and enrollment marketing solution that simplifies the application process for prospective students and admissions staff alike.

The webinar covers everything you need to know, including details about:

CAS transcript and coursework entry requirements

Each CAS determines the types of transcript and coursework entry options that are required of applicants. This, in turn, affects the GPAs you’ll receive in WebAdMIT. For example, each CAS determines whether students must submit an official transcript, unofficial transcript or no transcript.

Once applicants successfully fulfill your submission requirements, they are marked as “verified” and a set of standardized GPAs, based on your criteria, are calculated for them. This allows your program to compare all applicants fairly and equally.

Standardizing CAS GPAs

There are a variety of options for calculating GPAs in WebAdMIT, such as by evaluating courses according to students’ academic year (e.g, senior year, undergrad or overall), by subject (e.g., science, math and English) and by schools attended.

In addition, WebAdMIT allows you to easily manage foreign transcript evaluations, recalculate GPAs once newly completed coursework is verified and correct an incorrect credit or grade submitted by applicant.

Establishing prerequisites in the Configuration Portal

The Configuration Portal feature of your CAS allows you to configure prerequisites that applicants can then match their courses to when completing applications. That gives applicants an indication of the types of courses you want them to complete in advance of attending your program.

The webinar leads you through the process of setting up those requirements and explains how doing so automatically creates a prerequisite GPA calculation for you to review in WebAdMIT.

The different types of GPAs you can customize in WebAdMIT

In addition to creating Prerequisite GPA calculations, WebAdMIT also gives you the ability to build “Local GPAs” that aren’t visible to applicants and which can be configured any time after an applicant submits an application. For example, you can opt to calculate GPAs for last the 30, 45 or 60 credits completed or for specific courses, such as biology, chemistry and physics. You can also choose to exclude repeated coursework from the calculation or to focus only on honors courses.

This section of the webinar explains how to use the Configuration Portal to establish your Local GPA criteria in order to more effectively support your program’s needs to review and evaluate applicants.

The webinar concludes with an overview of different ways you can use GPA calculations in WebAdMIT, including incorporating them into your:

  • List Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Report Manager
  • Scoring
  • Email templates (for highly targeted communications)

Add “Integrate GPAs into Your Application Review” to your Liaison Academy personal learning plan today. 

RJ Nichol

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