Putting the Future in Focus: How to Manage a More Effective “Student-Centric” Search Program

RJ Nichol
Nov 25, 2019

These days, identifying and recruiting the right students for your program may seem more challenging than ever. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking advantage of robust data and heeding “best practice” strategies developed by industry experts, you can easily turn obstacles into opportunities and create a search program that achieves your most important admissions goals.

Whether your institution is large or small, public or private, well funded or financially challenged, the new realities of admissions are undeniable. Prospects are besieged by schools trying to get their attention. They expect to receive highly personalized and immediate communications. As a result, maximizing the benefits of your brand and communicating the value of your program or profession have never been more important.

So how do you address those considerations without breaking the bank or becoming overwhelmed by a deluge of new responsibilities? You’ll find the answers you need in Liaison’s on-demand webinar, “Foresight is 2020: Bring Focus to Your Next Student Search.”

Embracing a student-focused approach

The webinar, which features input from three seasoned admissions professionals, including Suzanne Sharp, Liaison’s executive director of enrollment management consulting, describes how to drive application completion by delivering personalized digital and print communications at every stage of the enrollment management funnel.

In particular, it explains the importance of:

  • Tracking which students are most interested in your school in order to identify those you should focus on as they move through process.
  • Developing a search strategy that piques students’ interest in your school while simultaneously reinforcing the brand and image you want to convey.
  • Leveraging data that allows you to make more efficient name buys at the front end of the search process.
  • Identifying the grade level at which you should begin your outreach efforts.
  • Creating predictive models to optimize your marketing messaging.
  • Implementing a student-centric search strategy (rather than a school-centric strategy).
  • Understanding what motivates your prospective students.

The quality of your student search initiatives has a direct bearing on your ability to achieve your most important enrollment goals. Watch “Foresight is 2020: Bring Focus to Your Next Student Search” to learn more about how to build better classes year after year.

RJ Nichol

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