Women’s History Month Women at Work Spotlight: Melissa Robinson on Using Technology to “Expand the Future”

RJ Nichol
Mar 19, 2021

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting Liaison employees who identify as women whose contributions have been integral to our success.

Melissa Robinson, Liaison’s Department Manager, Document Processing, is responsible for the processing of more than one million documents annually. She recently shared her thoughts on her job, her mother and the fact that “women have not been taken seriously enough in all fields of education.”

What drew you to the technology industry?

Melissa Robinson (MR): Well, in high school I was always drawn to computers and the programming back then. But I think that learning the technology business and the thought of developing and bringing new ideas to the table to expand the future is what drew me in.

What’s one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced as a person who identifies as a woman in the workplace?

MR: One of my greatest challenges, especially being a woman and one of color, is that people sometimes think I don’t have the knowledge and/or the expertise in the areas of my job.

When you’re faced with a tough professional challenge, who/what/where do you look for guidance? 

MR: When I face a tough challenge I look for guidance from my boss, and a few of my coworkers who may have similar experiences, but I also always speak with my mom because she always knows how to make the matter better too.

What barriers have you experienced or observed for women in higher education?

MR: What I have observed is that women have not been taken seriously enough in all fields of education. The barriers that women go through like equal pay and not being promoted to high levels because we are women make me sad but I also see change with the up-and-coming generation of women in the world doing great things.

What has been your biggest career and/or personal achievement?

MR: My biggest career achievement was being able to help create the scanning department back in 2006-2007. It was a hands-on learning experience and I did a lot of work with our vendor and our IT department. Also, winning the Founders Award with my team this January. I have won the award individually, but I was so proud to win with the team because they work hard and deserve to be in the spotlight for all they do.

Who are your favorite women in history, women who inspire/empower you?

MR: Well, I have a few women that inspire me. First, my mom, who worked at Harvard Law School for 35 years in Career Service helping the students with resumes, placement, interviews, etc. She worked very hard to mold me into the person I am. Second, Deb Erdner, has helped grow so much professionally and has taught so many different things about how to be a better manager. She has also made me a better person in the 17 years we have been working together through the ups and downs in my life. My mom and Deb both make me strive for what I believe in and push forward.

RJ Nichol

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